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Posted: January 02, 2018


Courtney and her boyfriend Nick (AKA Boo Bear & Shmoopsypoo) are January’s #magicrelationshipgoals!

A little bit about them? Well maybe it’s best to hear it straight from Boo Bear... er...Courtney herself:

“My boyfriend Nick and I met over three years ago at a summer program in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee with the campus ministry we were both involved in. We stayed really close friends and dated other people in that time. We started developing feelings for each other around this time last year and now are dating and working together in Tampa. It’s so funny how life has worked out, and we are very confident that we are the cutest couple we know!”

Well, by giving yourselves nicknames like Boo Bear and Shmoopsypoo, we’re not going to argue with you there!

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